About Us

Who We Are

Beyond Consulting is a consulting firm that was established in 2011. In less than ten years, the company has been able to obtain and dominate local and regional presence, leading as one of the highly recognized and trusted consulting firms in the fields of Strategic Planning, Market Research, and Public Reform and Institutional Development. The value of the company lies within its name. Beyond Consulting believes in always going ‘beyond’ the expected deliverables to offer clients outcomes that serve their core needs.

What distinguishes our work is our challenge to traditional standards of management consulting. We utilize innovative tools and methodologies while also offering global consulting talent, combining it with knowledge and a deep understanding of the nature of our local culture and client requirements.

Beyond Consulting’s team consists of more than 30 full-time consultants and experts, along with over 30 dedicated experts and researchers who possess over a decade of experience in strategic planning, process engineering, and economic research. These professionals hold academic and technical degrees from world-leading universities such as Harvard University, Missouri State University, and others.

Furthermore, Beyond Consulting has been able to build global alliances and partnerships with leading international and regional consulting firms in fields related to its work. These include Candesic Consulting and Hygeian Consulting, specialized in providing consultancy to the healthcare sector; Avasant Consulting, Visagio, and ADDVantage Technologies, specialized in innovation, information technology, and transformation; and Agon Consulting, a firm specializing in pharmaceutical consulting in the Middle East. Additionally, the company has formed a partnership with the Health Institutions Accreditation Council (HCAC).

Our History

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