Zaina Abuhammour

Zaina Abuhammour

Business and Management Consultant

Zaina is a management consultant with a strong background in business economics and business administration. Zaina’s experience in market research and database management has helped her to efficiently collect and analyze large amounts of data, enabling her to develop insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and other factors that impact an organization’s performance. Her ability to design specific research methods and formulate presentations has also allowed her to effectively communicate her findings to clients, helping them to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

In addition to her expertise in market research, Zaina has a rich experience in the field of strategic planning. Her experience working on management consulting projects for small, medium, and large enterprises in both the public and private sectors in Jordan has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the region. Her expertise in strategic planning has allowed her to work closely with clients to develop and implement effective strategies that support their long-term growth and success.

Overall, Zaina’s combination of skills and experience in market research and strategic planning make her a highly effective management consultant who is well-equipped to provide valuable advice and guidance to organizations looking to improve their performance and achieve their business objectives.

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