Classical Business Planning

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The Platform offers you the chance to prepare a classical business plan via a modern and integrated methodology. As the entrepreneur, we ask of you to provide information about your project and its market, so that our consultants can review and use this data to guide you and help you build your business plan based on market and financial analysis.

Plan Features

  • The feature of “Integrated Framework” The feature of “Integrated Framework” allows the entrepreneurs to be more aware of the project details.
  • The service is modern and fits with the rapid time schedules that dominate the business world, not to mention having the service being available without time or place restrictions.
  • The timeframe of the project is 30-60 days only.
  • The team is available around the clock through the platform, and they provide you with guidance as how to collect the needed data and information.

Planning Timeline

The timeframe of the project is 30-60 days and it starts from the day the application is submitted. It should be noted that the time needed by the consultants to finish their analysis and complete study is one week after receiving the data. The figure below reflects the timeframe details of the project.

Study Preparation Process


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