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Align your business model with your strategy to prosper and accomplish the goals and objectives of the company.

We empower your organization to victoriously manage the execution of your strategic plans

What Is SMS?

Strategy Management System (SMS) provides an agile, simple, and quick to implement solution for businesses to overcome obstacles that arise during the strategy implementation, SMS creates and ensures:

• Visibility
• Measurement
• Integration
• Resource Management
• Access
• Communication

Facts & Figures about Main Strategic Planning Failure

SMS provides solutions to overcome any obstacles that arise in the strategy implementation phase


Unsuccessful implementation as a result of:

• Incompetence in identifying and aligning projects according to strategic objectives.

• Cascading strategy resulting in lack of clarity, interdependence, and redundancy.

Strategy Management System solution eliminates failure by:

• Permitting cascading strategy through the entire organizational levels that enhances the organizational alignment with strategy.

• Using both top-down and bottom-up approaches to link and connect projects with strategic objectives.

• Offering multiple perspectives and holistic view which enables better decision making.


Unsuccessful implementation as a result of:

• Failing to track progress, results, and impacts of related strategic objectives and projects.

SMS solution eliminates failure by:

• Measuring input, output, outcome, and impact through result chain methodology.

• Having the ability to provide strategy and project-level measurement.

• Mapping the performance against strategic goals.


Unsuccessful implementation as a result of:

• The lack of integration between strategic pillars and projects resulting in poor prioritization and performance.

• Absence of integration between systems leads to lack of focus and concentration.

• Weakness in integrating with other strategies in an ecosystem.


Strategy Management System solution eliminates failure by:

• Creating a clear link between projects and strategic pillars.

• Coordinating multiple strategies and models within an organization.

• Providing a bridge for system integration and connectivity with full reflection.

• Integrating with other strategies within the ecosystem, for instance, adding a contribution indicator to national programs and initiatives. (soon)

Resource Management

Unsuccessful implementation as a result of:

• Poorly allocating resources and planning capacity according ato organization and strategy goals.

Strategic Management System solution eliminates failure by:

• Measuring team utilization and productivity.

• Assigning budgets according to strategic priorities.


Unsuccessful implementation as a result of:

• The inability for individuals to access and control the central point for information simultaneously.

Strategic Management System solution eliminates failure by:

• Accessing information and data easily and live across multiple levels and for various purposes.

• Providing cloud-based access through multiple channels and devices. (mobile app – soon)

• Allowing unlimited users to access the system.


Unsuccessful implementation as a result of:

• Insufficient collaboration between the teams.

• Implementing escalation ineffectively.

• The lack of clear and concise information, making it difficult to standardize and generate reports.

• Inadequacy to generate reports from different dimensions.

Strategic Management System solution eliminates failure by:

• Facilitating communication between teams, assigning tasks, and managing escalation.

• Creating multidimensional, on-the-spot, and customized reports and dashboards.

• Providing feedback and notifications on the progress and delayed actions to teams and managers.

All you need to implement and manage your strategy in one platform

SMS Features:

Performance Management Module

It enables organizations to measure performance of individual departments as well as teams; on top of that, it offers an integrated link that aligns individuals’ performance with organizational and strategic goals.

Strategic Reporting Module

Reports can be generated by the reporting module in a customized format. The reports are exported in professional formats and presented to the board of directors, senior management, and external stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence Module

The artificial intelligence module empowers organizations to successfully manage and execute their strategic plans as it is able to handle a lot of data. The algorithm monitors and reads data to optimize the functionality of the system while giving accurate real time insights. AI offers a predictive, decision-making assistance to the team.

Dashboards and Reporting Module

As a powerful tool in strategy management, monitoring the progress of each element is considered essential, which is why the system offers a dashboard that shows several aspects at once, such as project schedules, KPIs and their types, departments, and the overall strategy performance. Furthermore, the system’s flexibility permits export of data and reports to various locations on request.

Individual Performance Management Module

For managing and reviewing the performance of all staff members and departments within the organization, this module illustrates all tasks assigned to them, as well as their statuses and progress.

Project Management Module

Connecting all aspects of a project with technology is integral to effective project management. Due to this, we have integrated the project management module, which provides a simple way to assign projects, actions, and initiatives to users or departments based on KPIs and KRIs. The system offers a direct linkage with national programs and initiatives, resulting in significant transformation and improvement of the organization’s maturity.

Corporate Strategy Module

The corporate strategy module allows users to easily install, manage, and monitor all the sub-levels within the corporate strategy system. Along with the mission and vision statements, a strategy map is provided so that users can take a holistic view of the strategy.

SMS Targeted Segment

• Corporates

• Governments

• Enterprises

• Any company looking to align/ integrate their ERP system with their strategic management plan

Our Clients

Thrive and enhance your strategic plans by 90% just like our other clients did.


Tkiyet Um Ali


Legislation and Opinion Bureau

Dar Abu Abdullah

Why Choose Us?

We are primarily known for providing Strategic Planning services for Governments & NGOs in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have invested in tailoring our unique strategic planning & monitoring methodology, which proved effective and successful for our region’s demand. Over the past few years, were have successfully developed +20 strategic plans for many reputable firms locally and regionally, such as Jordan River Foundation, Dar Abu Abdullah, King Hussein Cancer Center, Abdulhameed Shoman Foundation, Health Care Accreditation Council(HCAC), Tkiyet Um Ali, The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), Companies Control Department of Jordan, Dubai Health Care City and many others.

We’ve learned firsthand how important it is to have an agile solution for monitoring and evaluating the progress of your Strategic Plan, a solution that could be integrated into your own systems. Hence, the Strategic Management System (SMS was constructed to empower organizations to successfully manage the execution of their strategic plans at all levels.


    Have Any Questions About Strategic Management System?

    The Strategic Management System (SMS) is used to empower organizations and institutions for successfully managing the execution of their strategic plans at all levels. The system is uniquely designed to be used on a daily basis. It is accessible and at hands reach to board of directors, top management, and employees to manage their operating and strategic projects and initiatives, in addition to their daily tasks and actions.

    Furthermore, it includes a performance management module to track key performance and key results indicators, goals, and objectives on both strategic and operational levels. This smart module is broken down to assess the performance of departments and even teams/units, on top of that, the module goes beyond to offer an integrated link which aligns individual’s performance to the organizational and strategic goals.

    The system also includes a strategic reporting module that is used to generate customized strategic and periodic reports.

    The Strategic Management System (SMS) can be utilized in the strategic execution phase of strategic planning when the strategy is fully developed and ready to be executed. Yet, not having a fully developed strategic plan is never a limitation as you can benefits from the expertise of Beyond consulting team in the field of strategic planning, where the team of consultants have invested and developed their own strategic planning & monitoring methodology which proved its effectiveness in the region.

    The Strategic Management System (SMS) proved its suitability to be used in all sectors, as it was successfully adopted by private and public institutions in addition to factories in the industrial sector.

    Yes, the system was initially developed for the purpose of executing any type of strategy. Part of the license fee will be allocated for revising your current strategy by a team of specialized strategic planning consultants, integrating the strategic plan on the system, providing the needed training to ensure your full capability in using the system successfully.

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